About us

Our Vision


We are endeavoring to provide a high-quality global educational system able to create a student proud of his identity and values, keeping with the requirements of the age and the rapid technological developments and capable of joining the labor market and meeting its requirements.

Our Mission


We are providing global educational services to our students in order they become active citizens distinct of high morality, up-to-date knowledge and high skills. This is necessary to meet the necessities and requirements of the society whilst maintaining the Omani identity and relying on thinking, scientific and technical approaches. WPS strives to prepare students to be active participants in society and provides quality academic and administrative staff to serve all aspects of the educational system in our schools.

Our Strategic Goals:


WPS strive to achieve their mission through the attaining the following strategic goals:

1- Creating an electronic learning environment for all fields and requirements of the educational process.

2- Academically accrediting of the school by an international organization and reaching the global system.

3- Achieving academic excellence and ability to learn and acquire reading and creativity skills.

4- Providing our students with high quality educational and learning services.

5- Developing scientific research and thinking skills amongst our students.

6- Supporting talented students and providing academic assistance for  students with additional needs.