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September 16, 2018
Digital Learning Environment at RPS


Digital Learning is now a feature of almost all classrooms and learning environments. In a space of 5 years it has moved from a fixed ‘room to go to’ an all-pervasive environment which students can enter through a range of devices from mobile phones, ipad and laptop through to internet-enabled smart board.In addition to this the teachers are evolving into producers using digital not just to create lesson plans, manage students’ performance, assessments, laboratory reports or write essays but also to develop interactive activities for students which can be accessed from their home and develop own understanding.Our school is the pioneer in using the e-books in Oman .

Al Raneem Private School took initiative in using e-books for IGCSE ( Grade 9 ) from the start of academic year 2018-2019 . The Hodder Education UK is supporting through Dynamic Learning, which is an online subscription solution that supports teachers and student with high quality content and unique tools. Dynamic Learning incorporates Teaching and Learning Resources, Whiteboard and Student eTextbooks and Question Practice elements that all work together to give you the ultimate classroom and homework resource.

Dynamic Learning is so much more than a bank of engaging educational resources. It's your personalized teaching and learning platform, so you can edit and personalize it to work in the way you want to use it: