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December 12, 2019
Career Day
Our kindergarteners celebrated “Career Day”! Excitedly they wore and acted out what they want to be when they grow up!  This day was an opportunity for our students to explore information about occupations and enjoy their day in an educational and entertaining atmosphere.
Parents from different professions  joined us as the speaker of the day to help students .
We would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to our parents for helping with tody's Career Day !

Dr. Faisal AlHarthi- Cardiologist 

Mr. AlHassan ALMukhaimi -Petroleum Engineer

Dr. Nisrine Ahmadi- Dentist

Mr. Ahmad Rashed AlBulushi - Office worker 

Dr. Fatemah AlShakili- Dentist

Mrs. Iman Alemki- Computer Technician 

Mr. Mahmoud Nassif- Manager at a petroleum company 

Mr. Said AlOufi- Reliability Engineer 

Mrs. Sheikha Saeed AlBalushi-Nurse
Mr. Sameer Mohammad Beit Ishaq-Engineer
Mr. Ismail Al Batshi - Air Force
Mrs. Azza Al Ajmi - Banker 
THANK YOU to our career speakers who came to meet with our students. We had such a great group of people participate! Having met all of our speakers, learning more about different careers. Seeing students interact and ask questions to the professionals was so rewarding to our department. 
We look forward to meeting with you all again in the future ! 
Your contribution was highly appreciated !